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Ludlum Alpha Beta Gamma Counter - Model 3 with 44-9    

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This is Ludlum’s best selling general purpose, handheld analog ratemeter known for accuracy and long lasting dependability. When connected to the Model 44-9 G-M pancake detector, this system simultaneously detects alpha, beta and gamma radiation making it an excellent choice for Medical and Health Physics applications.

The analog meter face supports an operating range of 0–200 mR/hr for measuring gamma exposure rate and 0–660 kcpm for alpha/beta/gamma. With the addition of the optional Model 180-2 sample holder, it can also be used to make a quick evaluation of wipe test surveys in the nuclear medicine department.

When ordered together, the Model 3 and 44-9 Probe includes a 1 meter (39 in.) interconnecting cable, and is shipped calibrated and ready for use.



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